Big Momma Makes the World by Phyllis Root

I am a terrible blogger — I have not posted regularly in weeks. In my defense, I had all those Jewish holidays. But let me say, it’s won’t happen again (until next year that is).

In the meantime, I get a lot of requests for books on creation that don’t make you feel like you are lying to your child. In my mind, there is one fantastic book that I think is an excellent introduction to creation for most any child. Most importantly, it is a great book even for (and some might say especially for) those who don’t believe in the Biblical creation story.

Big Momma Makes the World

Big Momma Makes the World

Big Momma Makes the World by Phyllis Root is funny and gorgeous and irreverent and fabulous. It’s a fantastic book to read aloud (I often read it to grown-ups, not just kids) because the words are just so right. And even though traditionally, we don’t think of God as being a large-ish woman with a baby on her hip (especially Jews don’t — God with a baby gets a little scary), it’s probably the most memorable and amusing take on the creation story that you will find. And then after you have your kids laughing, you can move on to the more serious books. But at the end of the day, this is just the best one out there. I love Big Momma (potentially more than the Lord I’m afraid to admit).

And for those committed to the Big Bang, wait until you see how it comes in… Wow.


  1. nina said

    One of my alala time favorite books, but you already know that!

  2. nina said

    oops- iI meant all time favorite books. Hit submit before I checked 🙂

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