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Chicks and Salsa by Aaron Reynolds

Well, it’s almost Yom Kippur so my thoughts are already turning to … food. One day maybe they will turn to religious/ spiritual things but for now food is my main pre-occupation.

Chicks and Salsa

Chicks and Salsa

One of my favorite children’s books about food is Aaron Reynolds’ Chicks and Salsa. It’s just a fun and silly book about a collection of farm animals who get tired of eating chicken feed, slop, etc. and instead start farming the vegetables to make their own delicious treats. The writing is fun and zippy, the illustrations are hilarious (look out for the mice who are the “dealers” of the story) and maybe one day my sons will love to cook? Well, maybe that won’t be influenced by this book, but as a parent, I love reading it.

For those who are fasting, have an easy fast, and to everyone else, eat well!

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