Somewhere Today by Shelley Moore Thomas

I’m really into books about peace for young children. I think that no matter how much you believe in striving for peace or searching for peace or finding peace, it’s a concept that is really hard to explain to young children. The great thing about these children’s books is that not only are they good at explaining the concept, they are good about explaining it in terms of how we create peace and specifically, how children can create peace.

Somewhere Today

Somewhere Today

So, another book I’d like to add to my list is Somewhere Today: A Book About Peace by Shelley Moore Thomas. With the backdrop of vivid photo montages, Thomas is able to give concrete examples of what making peace looks like — much like Todd Parr’s The Peace Book. Each double page spread starts with the familiar “Somewhere today.” Her first example is one of my favorites:

Somewhere today… someone is being a friend instead of fighting.

And then after  a series of wonderful examples, Thomas ends with:

Somewhere today… someone is reading a book about peace and thinking about making the world a better place.

Perfect, isn’t it?

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